Thanks, Wanner!

Chest 1/7/19

Battle of the presses
Felt strong, but reps just didn’t have the power I wanted in them
Even though I “felt” strong, it was almost like weights felt “too heavy”, get in my set and they were just pushing through molasses
Press on!

Slight incline smith press
“225” x 5 last one forced
“195” x 7 last one forced

Incline DB press
Shot myself in the foot here on the first set lol
80’s x 4
70’s x 6
60’s x 8

Seated cable fly
Set one : 13 reps
Set Two: same weight x 9 + two drops

Wide grip dips – almost press
Set one: 6 reps
Set Two: same weight x 5 reps + single drop

Seated machine lateral raise
3 sets same weight 20-12 reps

Seated cable shoulder press
2 sets same weight x 12-9 reps