Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Jan 4 – Arms

Cardio: 25 min am upon waking (I was not consistent with this in December getting back to it)

This workout was filmed for the site and will be up I am thinking sometime in the next week I explained the workout through the video as well.

Dual D handle Pressdown
50 x 6.5 reps
42.5 x 6.5-7 reps honestly dont remember but it was failure lol

Single DB two handed tricep extension – I have not done these in a while and wanted to get back to them, something I used to really enjoy. These definitely took a lot out of me
2 max sets with the 125 lb DB

Hammer Close Grip Flat Press
2 max sets with 3 pps. I got 6 full reps on the first set and only 4 on the second but it was still quality work

Dip Machine
Stack x Rest Pause set (2 full attempts)

Single Arm Bicep Curl
2 max sets with 35 lb DB’s

Barbell Drag Curl
4 sets for max reps

last two supersets I added in DB hammer curls fully trying to stretch biceps on all reps