Delts 1/4/19

Hammer strength “behind the neck” press
2pps x 7, almost 8

Hammer strength “military front press”
2pps x 6
1 p + 25 ps x 8 + 3 top partials

Seated DB lateral raise
2 sets with 20’s x 14-11 + bottom partials

Smith machine upright row
“135” x 7
“95” x 16

Bent over cable rear delt fly from low pulleys
2 sets 17-12 reps
Second set single drop set

Seated DB press
I’ve never done these last but just got the urge. A good set for me as a first movement is 70’s x 6-8
Today as the final movement was 60’s x 6

Standing ez bar front raise
1 set w/ 40# as many strict reps as I could get (don’t remember count)