I thought this would be something different to share.
Pics with the purple turf are yesterday

The current phase has been nothing but food and training, and treating every day just as you should treat a prep, but with a non fat loss focus

The comparison photo is April 25 2017
14 weeks out of Tampa Pro
We started that prep at 20 weeks out
Today in our current off season phase
They are both the same weight

I’m sharing this just to show a little more insight and transparency within the process

After Tampa Pro 2017, I have not had an “off season” phase longer than 8 weeks as I prepped for the Arnold, and then the Olympia

This year I could have done the same and prepped for the Arnold, however we wanted to utilize that time to make the improvements we want to make before the Olympia rolls around again

Our primary focus is growing my legs
I really need to fill the gap between my legs and not have narrow quads in my front double, along with my quad sweep carrying up higher closer to my hip
And that just is not going to come during a prep
There are other things I want to improve, but that is the main

It may seem drastic or obsessed to some, but I treat every single day as this is my job and mission. I love my job, but I have duties for myself to fulfill and I go to work every day seeking those.

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