Roman FritzRoman Fritz

3rd Jan. 2019

Session 1. Delts + Traps

smith presses

3 sets of 10 rest/paused

Just like on chest, I ffel my tendinitis is as good as gone and I´m able to push heavier loads again. Soon 3 plates will fly up like nothing.


rear delt cable flies

3 sets of 20 (little momentum at the end)

I´m doing higher reps here as those make my rear delts grow the best. 10 reps id my minimum on rears. I go as high as 30 sometimes. This is one of the few muscles where higher reps actually do work.


side dumbbell raises

25kg 3 sets of 13, 10+partials, 8+partials


side cable

10kg 3 sests of 10, 8+2 negatives, 6+4 negatives

enjoy the negatives and the stretch at the bottom. You don´t get that stretch with dumbbells


DB shrugs – 3 sets to failure (150lbs)

supersetted with

close grip upright cable rows – 3 sets of 12 (little cheat at the end)


100 reps of cable crunches (30kg, practice your ab/thigh shot)