Shaun ClaridaShaun Clarida

First session of 2019: CHEST

Flat Bench: Always been a movement I stayed away from due to not being strong at this movement but also due to always hearing negative things about, specifically pec tears but I do know it’s something that if done correctly can really help build the chest so I’ve been doing them more frequently now.

Two warmup sets of high reps(12 reps) to really get the pecs and Delts warm.
3 Working sets of 6 reps (increased weight each rep)

Wanted to really try one more set so increased weight but only was able to get 1 rep.

Smith Incline Press:
1 warmup set of 6 reps and then moved onto do 3 working sets of 10 reps. The last set was tough but got it!

Dumbbell Flies:
1 warmup set of 8 reps as then moved to 3 working sets of 8 reps.

Floor Presses:
No warmup needed here so jumped into 3 working sets of 8. The first set was pretty easy so I guess you can call it a warmup


Finished the workout with 3 set of high rep (12) crossovers. Just wanted to fill up the chest with a bit more blood.