Back 1/2/19

This was my week for T Bar row to be back in rotation for my main row movement (not a huge deal, i just have a personal system I like to follow lol), but the gym is renovating and the entire rack and T Bar row set up was gone. Bummer.

Good day though.

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down

-Remain as upright as possible. HARD contractions, controlled eccentric, pause at stretch but no releasing tension-

Set one: 140 x 11 + stretch partials

Set two 140 x 7, drop to 100 x cant remember reps + stretch partials

Reverse Grip EZ Bar Row

-Rowing back to waist. Hard contraction, controlled eccentric, slight pause at stretch to not use momentum to drive weight

Set one: 4 25’s ps x 9

Set two: same weight x 7

T Bar Row Machine

Honestly not particularly fond of this set up, but they were good reps and got the job done.

-Aiming to keep upper body as close to parallel to floor as possible. Rowing to lower ribs. Controlled reps, hard contractions-

Set one: 5 25’s x 8.5

Set two: same weight x 6, strip two plates, dead stop reps x 5

Single Arm DB Row

-Hips square, upper body parallel to floor, no momentum/twisting/jerking-

Set one: Dead stop reps, driving weight “up” and controlling down 105 x 7

Set two: More of a “swing row” here, letting DB drift out in front of me and rowing it “back” to waist, controlling the weight through my lats/low lats entire ROM 105 x 8

Close Neutral Grip Pull Down – Staying upright, pulling down to chest, hard contractions, controlled eccentrics, pause at stretch


Cable EZ Bar Pullover – Upper body parallel to floor, hard contractions, controlled eccentrics, good stretch

1 round 12ish reps each