Roman FritzRoman Fritz

2nd January 2019

2. session: Chest + Triceps


Incl. Smith

3 Sets, 100kg (not counting the bar) of 10  reps rest/paused

Fuck YES! That was a PR in weight ever since my elbow injury! I didn´t feel any pain and I haven´t gone that heavy in… wow… I can´t even remember!


Incline dumbbell flys

20kg for 3 sets, goal is at least 10 reps, if I can´t get 10 I switch to pressing the bells. Super deeeep stretch with a pause at the bottom. No bungee cording!


Superset of bodyweight dips / cable crossovers

3 sets to failure / 37,5 x 10 (rest/pause)


Straight bar pushdown

52,5kg x 21, 17+4, 16+4 rest/pause


overhead rope

17,5 x 11, 10+1, 9+2 (little cheat)


Close grip pushups, feet elevated

3 sets to failure


100 reps of cable crunches 30kg