I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!

Chest 1/1/19

A lot of people actually requested a full chest training video in my last instagram poll, so I recorded this session in full to make it such!

Will go into further detail on there as far as execution goes.

Incline Smith Press

Set one: “205” x 6

Set two: “185” x 6, 2, 1 “rest pause” set

DB Floor Press

Set one: 80’s x 5

Set two: 70’s x 8 / almost 9

Incline DB Fly

Set one: 55’s x 6

Set two: 40’s x 7

Pin Loaded Dip Machine

One set: 11 reps

Into – Seated Cable Fly

One set: 6 reps, drop x 8, drop x contraction partials x 9 + stretch

Reverse thumbless grip ex bar curl

One set: 50 x 9 x wrap thumbs x 3

DB Hammer curl

Set one: 30’s to strict failure + failure with a little momentum for a few more

Set two: rack run/drop 30’s, 25’s, 20’s, 15’s