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Matt and I had a war council yesterday night. The fact that he actually truly cares is unbelievably motivating. Also, he challenges my opinions and ways of doing things, which I love. Anybody else I have ever talked to, with maybe one or two exceptions, were all just telling me how great I am and awesome I look. That´s nice to hear but it doesn´t help my get better…

We decided in adjusting my training to a more sane level. That means no more 100 rep rest/pause sets, no more triple drops and no other ludicrous intensifiers of that sort. Straight sets to failure, 6-12 reps, maybe 15 on legs. That´s it.

Side note: I´m good friends with Jason Huh and he has this rule: “The magic number is 10” Which actually is exactly the center of our newly set rep range.

Also, I think I might here and there start giving arms their own separate workout. Therefore train back and chest by themselves. That will keep the sessions shorter, less energy demanding and also more intense.

That being said:


1st  January 2019

Session 1: back

reverse grip pullups / pulldowns:

6+x partials / 58,5kg x 9

5+x partials / 58,8kg x 8


Rope pullovers:

52,5kg 3 sets of 10

Like I said last time I went heavier here. Although I had to use a little momentum to get 10 on each, I did a good job keeping the stretch/squeeze sensation throughout the whole set.


Smith machine rows

90kg x 11, 10, 10 (little momentum to get 10 here)


One arm dumbbell rows

50kg x 10, 8, 7


Lying incline dumbbell rows

20kg, 3 sets of 12

I am really weak in the fully contracted position, where my elbows are all the way back. So, that´s what I´m focusing on here. Once I get stronger back there, my back will be thicker.


Rack Deads.

5 x 5 210kg

10lbs increase in weight! Yes!