Quads 12/31

Good day today as far as movements go, I was happy with how everything went. If I had a particular critique, it would be that my pump wasn’t quite as strong as I tend to have, but I am currently on antibiotics so assuming that may play a role. Overall a good and successful day.

Hack Squat

One set: 11 total plates x 10

Didn’t feel the need for a back down set today. That was the most reps i’ve gotten with that weight in the past 4 weeks or so, previous best was 11 at my strongest so I counted this as a good day because the past few weeks have really been a fight on strength.


Barbell Front Squat

Set One: 225 x 8

Set Two: 185 x 9 longer pause in hole

Honestly not even sure how long its been since doing these free weight. I stick to the smith but it was taken. I was pretty pleased with these and how they felt, I know they’d make good improvements from this if kept in consistently. I did lose my balance on the 5th or 6th rep of the first set that threw me off a bit and why I think I prefer smith to keep full focus on quads the entire time. But nonetheless I was happy with these today.


Leg Press

Lower and closer stance than what I do for Hams, piston style reps, keeping tension on quads throughout entire ROM, and no pauses or locking out until quads fail and I had to rack

Set one: 5 pps x 15, rack, then did two more attempts but cant recall reps

Set two: 4 pps x straight set, sorry again I cant recall amount of reps


Leg Ext – Pause at contraction, controlled eccentric, pause at bottom whilst maintaining tension, explosive concentric

Set one: straight set x 9 + bottom partials

Set two: same weight as set one and did a double drop


DB Bulgarian split squat – Holding DB in opposite hand of leg being worked – constant tension on quad throughout

Set one : 40 x 14

Set two: 40, drop to 25, drop to body weight