Delts w/ arms 12/29

Not so typical structure of training for me but needed to pair arms with delts today instead of separate tomorrow

Seated smith press
“185” x 5, rack, 1, rack, 1
“155” longer pause at chin x 8.5, rack, 3, rack, 1 + bottom “partials”

Single arm seated DB press
60x 8

Standing DB lateral raises
Straight sets of 12 increasing weight until I got to 30’s x 10, drop to 20’s, drop to 15’s

Close grip smith press (triceps)
3 25’s per side x 5, drop to 2 25’s per side to extend set
Then dropped to 1 per side and slid forward making it a skull crusher/extension

Seated single arm overhead DB ext
20’s x 8, 7, 6

V bar press down into ext
2 rounds 12-10 each

Rope hammer curl
Sets of 12 increasing weight until I couldn’t get 12

EZ bar bicep curl
70 x 8
Reverse grip 50 x can’t remember

Tri Set
Bent over cable rear delt fly
Lying cable upright row
Cable front raise
2 rounds 15-12