Diet update Dec 29, 2018

AM shake:
Nutridyn greens
Natural calm

Nutridyn greens before meal 5 also

Off days I remove pre/intra powders
And change pre training meal to chicken and rice

Meal One:
55-60g carbs (English muffins/ bagel/ toast)
12g pb2
50g banana
1 whole egg
150g egg whites
80g chicken
Peppers & onions
3g fish oil
( off season I like to have califia farms almond milk mocha creamer in my coffee)

Meal Two – Pre Training
60g carbs from cereal or cream of rice
50g Banana
30g whey iso

Leg days
75g carbs from cereal
50g banana
30g whey iso

Meal Three
180g jasmine rice
112g lean beef
3g fish oil

Leg days
210g jasmine rice

Meal Four:
180g jasmine rice OR 250g any potato cooked
112g chicken
Green beans

Meal Five:
1 food for life brown rice tortilla or equal amount carbs via rice
112g lean poultry
(Sometimes I do oats and whey)

Meal six:
200g organic plain non fat Greek yogurt
20g whey iso
150g any fruit
12g pb2
16g almond butter
3g fish oil