Roman FritzRoman Fritz

29th Dec. 2018

Since it´s Saturday I´m only training once today.

That being said, I have done this exact same back workout for a while now and I see it has made my back quite a bit better. I can feel my lats have gotten thicker and my strength has gone up as well. I´ll just keep rolling with it…

Back + Biceps

reverse grip pullups / pulldowns:

6+5 partials / 6 x 76,5kg strip to 58,5kg x 5

5+5 partials / 5 x 76,5kg strip to 58,8kg 6+4 rest/pause


Rope pullovers:

47,5kg 3 sets of 10

I purposely went a little lighter here to get a real deep stretch/squeeze feeling. Achieved. Next time I´ll go up to 50kg and keep that feeling going…


Rack Deads.

5 x 5 206,5kg


Smith machine rows

90kg x 10, 10, 10 (little momentum to get 10 here)


Seated incline dumbbell curls

15kg x 12, 8+5, 7+4+2 (rest pause)


Alternate dumbbell

20kg x 3+3+3 (rest pause)


Front double cable curls

15kg x 10, 10, 10 (little cheat)


Rope hammers

27,5kg 3 sets of 12

Superset of wirst curls and reverse wrist curls till I can´t move my hands anymore…