Shaun ClaridaShaun Clarida

Leg Day:

Definitely a tough one tonight but sucked it up and got it done!

Hack Squats:
3 warmup sets of 3-5 reps just to warm the knees and feel the weight. Then did my 2 working sets of 8 reps.

Belt Squats:
1 warmup set of 5 reps and then 3 working sets of 8’reps.

Leg Extensions:
1 Cluster set of 28 reps total. 10 the first set, and 9 the next two sets.

Leg Curls:
2 warmup sets of 8 reps and then 3 working set of 8 reps.

Used the hammer strength piece for these today.

4 working sets of 8 reps to finish the day.