Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Got back to training today after taking Christmas off. I am going to be going at 90% lets say this week and then 100% after the first. We are going on Vacation this week so when I am able to train I will go at 100% but I am just not in full control of my schedule so I am not sure everything will be as I expect it to be which is why I am saying 90%.

I have my diet at this point this is what I have been operating off of so far. I am down 7 lbs thus far and that is with a chick fil a meal in, one added meal on moving day and also enjoying Christmas. I might need to add in some food but I want one full consistent week without any out liars before doing so. My top end strength right now is good, however my endurance is not great but that is due to my current hormonal situation which I understand. I would much rather over pull and have to add food back in though than dabble with pulling a little of food a little at a time for weeks on end without anything happening. I have a good idea of where fat loss is going to occur and prefer to get there quickly than waste a few weeks of dieting in the process.

Have not done any cardio the past two weeks, will resume after vacation

Current Diet

2 Nutridyn Fruits and Greens Shakes a day

1 Whole Egg
250g Chicken cooked
170g Jasmine Rice cooked

45g Cyclic Dextrin
30g AD Aminotaur
20g AD Nitrox
5g Creatine

30g AD Aminotaur

Post Meal
60g Cream of Rice
70g True Nutrition Whey
10g Peanut Butter

250g Steak cooked
170g Jasmine Rice cooked

250g Turkey cooked
170g Jasmine Rice cooked

2 food for life Tortilla
250g Chicken Cooked

20g Almond Butter
70g True Nutrition Whey