12/26 Back

Wide Grip Lat Pull down

Worked up to one heavy(relative) rest pause set 3 attempts totaling around 20ish reps

Bent over smith machine row

Set one: “225” x 11

Set two: “225” x 8

DB Pullover

One set: 80 x 12 drop to 50 x 7 stretch partials

Smith Machine Rack Pulls -REALLY hard contraction entire ROM

One set: 315 x 9

Chest supported makeshift incline seal row – elbows flared upper back emphasis pulling to upper rib height using cambered Bench press bar

One set: Dead stop on floor reps: Bar + two 25’s per side x 11

Bent over DB Bilateral row

One double drop set: 100’s, 80’s, 60’s


Weighted stretch hanging on lat pull down into stretch on weighted cable pullover – 2 rounds ~30 sec each