Great Christmas morning
We do not do a traditional Christmas dinner, rather just a gathering at my Grandmothers at noon on Christmas Eve
And then Christmas morning our immediate family (parents, siblings/in-laws and their kids) do breakfast that my mom and I cook for everyone and then presents
And then everyone goes their separate ways as they are all married off and have their own kids except me lol
So my parents just nap the day away and eat cereal at night lol
We typically go to the movies every year Christmas night but are not this year.

Anyways enough about my personal life haha
With all that said, I went to train once everyone had left, to be honest I think I may have been a little shot and possibly affected training a bit from all the kid screaming and chaos, I’m used to being by myself and quiet 24/7 lol all good though

Chest 12/25

Flat DB Press
Had been keeping these in every week
Initially they improved great each week for a few weeks, then hit a few week span where I was only able to tie reps, so I cycled them out for a few weeks now and wanted to give them a go today
My best those few weeks that were sticking was 90’s x 6-7
So I was definitely not pleased with today’s
But all the strength I had in me for the day apparently
Set 1: 90’s x 4 controlled, pause at chest, hard contraction
Set 2: 80’s x 7 aiming to be as explosive on the concentric as I could

Incline plate loaded hammer strength press
Hard arch on chest, aiming to keep as strong of a contraction as possible throughout entire range
Set 1: 2pps x 10
Set 2: 2p + 10ps x 8

Incline DB Fly
Again pretty strong arch, really controlled eccentrics, good stretch
50’s x 9
40’s x 8

Pin loaded dip
Seated cable fly
2 rounds 15-12 each

Seated DB curl
4 sets increasing weight 15-10 reps