Christmas Eve 7 AM quads…

Unusually busy in the gym this morning so my first movement is a smith I never use because literally everything else was taken for a while lol
All good though it was a good day

Smith machine back squats
Heels elevated
Slow and controlled reps just trying to make them as hard as I can
Set 1: 315 x 6
Set 2: longer pauses in hole 225 x 11 failed on 12th

Hack squat
Aiming to fire them out under control without stopping/locking out until quads fail
One set: 9 plates x 13 failed on 14th

Single leg plate loaded hammer strength upright leg press
Piston style reps under control & hard contractions
One set: 3pps x 14

Leg ext
Pause at stretch and contraction, controlled eccentrics, hard flexing
Set 1: 11 reps
Set 2: maintain weight initially and drop twice

Barbell front loaded walking lunge
One set until you drop weight and then do body weight pulse style until you fall over

DB front squat
Heels elevated
One set: 100 x 11