Shaun ClaridaShaun Clarida

Hey Nick!

Great question!

Since I’ve had a LONG season doing 5 shows, I decided that the first few weeks I’d only train 4x per week vs my normal 6x split. I wanted to give my body a break and spend more time resting and with my family. Plus, I was extremely tired and my body was run down.

I’m feeling good now and very rested so training has been better, strength is up and I’m def getting that intensity back. My goal is to bring up my hamstring and chest a lot this season. As far as weight, my goal was 200lbs. Right now I’m at 185, which is my heaviest ever. With now having a full off-season 200 should not be an issue. I still keep it tight/lean because I’m still doing cardio 4x per week and I generally stick to my diet food even in the off-season and cheat every so often. Honestly, haven’t had many cravings. I got all those cravings out when I got back from my show.