Delts 12/22

Standing barbell overhead press
Controlled reps, Pause at bottom

Set 1: 135 x 5
I did a second set with 135 to see what I could regroup and get because I got a bit off balance on the first, but only got 3 reps lol

Set 2: 115 x 7 almost 8

Single arm seated DB press
Set 1: 60 x 8

Hammer strength press
Dead stop reps
Set 1: 2pps x 6
Set 2: 1p + 25ps x 9 I believe

DB lateral raise
Set 1: 30’s x ~ 10ish
Set 2: 25’s x drop, drop

Preloaded ez bar upright row
Really strict reps
Set 1: 100x 11
Set 2: 100x drop to 90, drop to 80

Bent over cable rear delt fly
Rope face pull from lat pull down
2 rounds 15-10 reps each

Single arm DB hammer front raise
Strict reps
Set 1: 30’s x 8 per arm I believe
Set 2: 30’s x drop to 20’s