Hams 12/21

Today was a good day!

Execution: everything slow and controlled, pauses at stretch and contractions. Keep muscle engaged throughout
Warmed up with adductor & abduction machine. No true working sets

High wide leg press
Set 1 : 7 pps x 15 last rep was spot forced
Set 2 : 7 pps x 8 last rep was spot forced

Barbell RDL
Set 1 : 315 x 5 failed on way up of 6th, still controlled eccentric
Set 2 : dead stop on floor still keeping hams contracted throughout, this set I also pushed my hips through more to contract glutes hard at top 225 x 9

Cluster set
1. Adductor machine
2. Lying leg curl
Both pause at stretch and contraction, controlled eccentrics, explosive concentrics
2 rounds 15-12 ish prep range

DB sumo squat/pull
I really don’t know what to call these lol
1 set w/ 130lb dumbbell it’s the heaviest we have, not sure on rep count
Hard contractions in glutes and hard stretch on adductors at bottom