Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Donyae – As far as health supplements go the things that I listed out are what I feel strongly about in order to keep important health markers in place which is something I have been doing for years regardless of the amount of muscle that I carried. Its not like I have increased my supplementation as I my amount of lean tissue has increased. If you wanted more of a barebones list I would include – Ultimate Omega (nordic naturals brand), Ubiquinol, Curcumin (life extension brand), Citrus Bergamot, NAC that is a solid start!

Hey Keith – Basically the way it works out is one week I train my triceps following shoulders and my biceps following chest but no matter how hard I try to stay locked in I always have a better connection with my arms on their own day so every other week I will add in an arm day to train them just by themselves.