Back 12/19

Still trouble with my left side, lat/delt/pec, all related to my low back/hip, annoying, but it’s stuff I know enough by now how to make it work and have a good session.
Also a therapy day for me today post training as well to continue working on it.

Cable pullover using ez bar
Lower body weight shifted on toes
Hard contractions, controlled eccentrics, stay locked into connection throughout
Set of 12 increasing weight until I couldn’t get a full 12

Dual handle cable pull down
Hard contractions, controlled eccentric, good stretch without losing tension
Let opposite arm stretch while other is working
2 sets 12-10 reps

Single arm DB row
Hips square, good stretch at bottom, engage back, drive hard, strong contraction and keep that throughout controlled eccentric
Reps stop when intended muscle fails
Set 1: 130 x 9
Set 2: 110 x 11

Ez bar reverse grip rows
Elbows tucked, Drive weight to belly button height, strong contraction, keep that throughout controlled eccentric, don’t release tension
Set 1: 4 25’s per side x 9
Set 2: dead stop set, keep upper parallel to floor
45 & 25 per side x 10.5

Chest supported T bar row
Upper back emphasis with Elbows out, but still tucked enough to get lats involved and not all traps
Set 1: 2 plates “rest pause” set x 11,4,2
Set 2: 3 plates, drop 1, drop 1

Thought I could try for something else, but was worthless beating a dead horse at this point even to do extra calves lol so called it a day