Roman FritzRoman Fritz

19th Dec. 2018


2. session: calves + hamstring focused legs


Superset of leg press calves and standing calves

5 sets of 10 reps each (heavy!), rest/pause if necessary, going back and forth with as little rest as possible, finish both with a 1 minute loaded DC stretch


seated leg curls (cybex)

2 strip sets of  60,3kg –> 42,3kg

10 –> 10 reps / 7 –> 9 reps


Cybex Squat press

WIDE stance, lower platform as low as possible

5 sets in a “cluster” (30 breaths of rest in between sets) 5 plates per side x 20 (rest/pause),


Wide stance DEEP Squat on the smith

GVT (German Volume Training) 10 sets of 10, 2 plates per side

Yes, I´m German and YES GVT works!


Lying dumbbell curls

1 set in a 5 split cluster of 6 reps, 20kg (30 breaths rest in between clusters)


Stretch deliberately afterwards!