Matt JansenMatt Jansen

I have been pondering this idea for a while and want to bring you guys a long for the journey and response (or lack there of) this is out of the box thinking for me but I want to see if this idea I am thinking on in my head is worth it when it comes to pushing weight. As a coach I want to constantly be expanding upon my knowledge both successes and failures.  Up to this point for me and my athletes I do the best I can to keep the individual lean and growing but not have to pull back on the diet which I do feel works well. With myself I feel I have really maxed out that approach and now I am going to have to get smart to really get my body weight up and keep the quality intact. What I am going to do for lack of better word is a sling shot approach of dieting in hopes that taking a progressive step back fires me two steps forward.

Being honest with myself and you guys I really feel like my physique progress had stopped about 2 weeks after the Olympia this year. So basically since then I have just gotten softer and stronger. The stronger is good but the softer look around essentially the same weight I am not content with and thats what I want to see if I can change with this approach.

So my thought process is this phase 1 (which has already occured)  – gain 25 lbs – 30 out of a show once the progress stops (which in terms of look it has) drop back about 10-12 lbs which I feel will reset me good enough to make another solid push so from this 10-12 down aim to go up 20 lbs which will be a new high for me at this point diet down again another 8-10 lbs and then make another push. This format should encompass about a years worth of time. Being honest with myself I feel that I have gained about a good 5-7 lbs of tissue since my show so that should put me at about 228-230 in really good contest shape so if I drop back right now to about 240 ish currently this should be a really solid look. What I am doing here is accounting for my current 257 (minus water weight initially ~5 lbs or so) then loosing an actual 10-12 lbs of fat.

So this is my plan and how I am going to approach things, I am playing around with setting my diet up now and once I have this nailed down I will lay it out. My goal here is to be able to gain more muscle and keep tighter than my traditional linear approach of eating up.

I am also doing this because I am going to have a longer off season this year than originally planned and I do not want to be treading water for months at a time not making solid progress I want to be constantly making progressive steps forward.