Shaun ClaridaShaun Clarida

Chest Day:

My weakest body part that has been criticized for years and what I’ve been really focused on the past few years.

Flat Plate Load Press:

Did 2 warmup sets of 5 followed by 3 working sets of 8 reps.

Barbell Incline:
Wasn’t really feeling these today and felt a ton of stress on my Delts so only did 3 sets of 8 reps and then moved on.

Seated Cable Press:
4 working sets of 8 reps.

Machine Flies:
Did 3 working set of 8 reps.

Moved onto triceps:

4 sets of reverse pushdown for 12 reps

Overhead rope extension:

4 sets of 10 reps with a 10 second stretch after each set.

Finished off with 20 Mins stairs.