Roman FritzRoman Fritz

19th Dec. 2018

1. session: Chest + Triceps


Incl. Smith

3 Sets, 82,5kg (not counting the bar) of 15 reps rest/paused (15, 11+4, 8+7)

I have elbow tendinitis. Therefore I have to go lighter, super strict and slow on those presses. I feel like this doesn´t stimulate my pecs all the way down into the deep fiber. To make up for that I do  an extra set. However, I´m already seeing progress as far as pain and strength I´m almost pain free after a couple therapy sessions and I´m up 2,5kg in load from my last session.


Dumbbell pullovers

45kg x 11, 8+3 rest/pause


Superset of bodyweight dips / cable crossovers

3 sets to failure / 37,5 x 8-12


Straight bar pushdown

52,5kg x 20, 16+5, 15+5 rest/pause

same issue as on the incline press


overhead rope

17,5 x 11, 10, 9+2 (little cheat)


Close grip pushups

3 sets to failure


3 sets of crunches to failure