Chest 12/18

Concept for everything:
Tension on chest throughout entire rom
Pause at chest/stretch
Aim to be as explosive as possible on concentric
Controlled eccentrics
Hard contractions

Flat barbell bench
205 x 4
185 x 6
135 x 11

Thought I would have had more than that in me, but that’s where they landed today.

Incline DB press
70’s x 7.5
60’s x 9

Seated cable fly
Sets of 12 adding weight on each until I reached a set I failed at 8 then paused a sec and turned it into a flat press until I couldn’t, I think I got 5
Set 2: same weight x 6, did a double drop flys only

Incline hammer press
Single arm
Left pec was lacking activation compared to right and limiting me, so wanted to put this in today
1 set each arm x until contraction failed

Pin loaded shoulder press
Seated lateral raise
2 rounds 15-12 reps each

Dual cable bicep curl on the free motion step up machine. Back facing machine.
Elbows pinned behind back
Thumbs wrapped and under pointer and middle finger (secret to bicep peaks)
4 sets 17-9 reps