Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Weight: 257.0 – Staying the course of pushing the food, its definitely a challenge I will for sure be ready to diet when the tie comes but for right now doing what is needed.

Shoulders / Traps

Had it on my mind that I wanted to give 315 a go on barbell presses all week, last week I did 295 for 5.5 but two variables to consider is that this was my first week re introducing the lift since early November and secondly I hit the rack twice when pressing which threw me off so I knew that now my body was acclimated to the movement again I would be able to get more out of it. Again working without a spot or partner right now so just doing the best I can to get the most out of each set.

***Just going to show true working sets today. I have done a video called “My approach to training” which goes over how to properly warm up so check that out if you have not already!

Seated Barbell Military Press
315 x 5

Plate Loaded Arsenal Press
5pps x 5.5
4pps x 8 (fighting the last eccentric all the way down)

Standing Lateral Raise Machine
(I dont want to call this a true rest pause as I did not get all full reps but it was rest pause style and went like this.)
Stack x 8 full reps (10 deep breaths) Stack x 5 half partial reps (10 deep breaths) Stack x 5 quarter partial reps

DB Lateral Raise – Directly out to the side not resting DB on my hips
50 x 8

Reverse Pec Deck
170 x 10 + 5 partials from the stretch

Incline Rear DB Fly – keeping chest pinned to pad
45 x 10 + 5 partials

DB Shrug – completely on the outside of my hips then into front once hitting failure
150 x 9 + 6