Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Shoulders – December 16 (Somehow my dates have gotten thrown off)

Sticking with more pressing for the most amount of Volume in my session. Again my training is not ideal right now but I keep telling myself “just keep showing up” this is a very short season in my life. I basically set a goal of how much I need to get done packing up the house before I can leave and once I finish that based off of meal timing I then head out. Fighting weekend Gym hours to some extent here.

Hammer Shoulder press – Fully pausing at bottom of each rep
4p + 25 ps x 6
4pps x 7

Free Motion Seated Cable Press (love this machine, always use it when I have the option to)
Stack x 11 Reps (arms shaking on last rep)
Stack x 8 Reps

Standing Lateral Raise
30 x 10
35 x 10
40 x 10
45 x 8 + 8 Partials
45 x 6 + 6 Partials
(when I do partials on these I am coming straight out to the side and keeping my lats flared to keep all of the tension on my delts)

Cable Lateral Raise
20 x 10 – strict reps here with about a 4 second eccentric count
25 x 8 – Again nice and strict

Standing Barbell Row
1 max set at 185

Reverse Pec Dec – Keeping seat back on pad and keeping chest up but not on pad
150 x 10 full reps with slow eccentrics
150 x 10 full reps with slow eccentrics then as many partials from full stretch as I can until the stack doesnt move.