Quads 12/17

Recorded enough today so this may end up being this weeks training video

For the most part I’ve been aiming to do one work set per movement unless I feel otherwise needed
Today I opted for a back down set on each
Can’t quite seem to improve my strength on my quad movements the past few weeks the way I would like, and today reps just come to a halt and would fail prior to where I thought they should in my mind
So I opted for a back down set to adapt to circumstance per se and get a bit more

Still a good session as a whole. I’m real critical of my training and can be mentally stronger than I am physically, to a fault sometimes lol

Working sets listed only, all to physical failure

Hack squat
Set 1: 11 total plates x 6 plus 2 spot assisted
Set 2: pause in hole, aim to explode up
9 total plates x 12 plus 1 spot assisted

Smith front squat
Set 1: “275” x 6 spot assisted final rep
Set 2: pause in hole
“225” x 7

Single leg hammer strength upright press
Set 1: 3pps x 17
Set 2: 4pps x 7
Guess set one was good enough lol

Leg ext
Set 1: 11 full reps + bottom partials until I couldn’t budge it
Set 2: same weight x 7 full reps + drop for as many more full reps as I could, drop again and do top partials at contraction then once those failed did bottom partials until it wouldn’t move

Front loaded walking lunge
Not sure on reps just pick a weight and go till you can’t, drop weight and do pulse style reps until you can’t
1 set