Arms 12/16

All strict reps, hard contractions, slow eccentric, controlled concentric

V bar cable press down
Sets of 12 increasing weight until I reached a weight I couldn’t get 8 full reps

Close grip press on hammer flat press
Sets of 8 adding a quarter per side until I couldn’t get 6 full reps + double drop set

Seated DB overhead ext – both arms
Single arm – 20’s x 2 x 12-10

1. Pin loaded dip x 11
2. Bent over cable overhead ext w/ ez bar x 14

Rope hammer drag curls thumbless grip
Sets of 15 increasing weight until I couldn’t get 12 full + partials

DB alt hammer curl
30’s x 11 per arm

Reverse thumbless grip ez bar curls
50x 9
50x 7 + double drop 40, 30

Free motion seated curl
Pump set alternating arms until contraction failed