Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Legs – December 16

I have found as of late with my legs that if I take a little more rest between leg sessions that the inflammation from whatever is going on with my leg comes down a little more so I am able to push harder, I end up hurting myself just as bad but at least I am able to get more out of the session as a whole even though by the end I am banged up. I will be getting an MRI after the first of the year. This was the heaviest with the most control I have been able to push in quite some time.

Hack squat – Very controlled eccentric – pause – drive hard.
5pps x 8
6pps x 8
7pps x 8

Single Leg Leg Press – Very controlled eccentric almost like I am actively fighting the rep all the way down.
3pps x 10
4pps x 10
4pps x 8

Adduction Machine – pausing in between all phases. Pause at full stretch, slow eccentric then pause again at full contraction.
Two max sets at 260 lbs – which is irrelevant but more so go as heavy as you can with the form as laid out above for a goal of 10-12 reps

Arsenal Strength Glute Bridge – with this machine I am really focusing on flexing my glutes all the way up through the ROM not just using hip drive to get the weight up.
3pps x Max sets with hard isometric hold at the top of each rep. By reps 7-8 on both sets I was shaking pretty good I really just try to make these suck as much as possible vs just swinging the weight.

Back to the hack squat to finish up with 2 sets of 6 seconds down – pause – 6 seconds up hack squats. I got 8 reps on my first set with no pauses and 10 reps on my second with a few pauses at 3pps.