Hams 12/14

Lots of warming up today, mostly hips
They felt funkier than usual, most likely due to having an adjustment yesterday
Almost like my body adapts to being out of alignment so when I get adjusted it feels off

Good session though!

Execution: Hard contractions, controlled eccentrics, pauses where applicable, tension kept where intended throughout

Seated leg curl

2 working rounds today
Round 1: heavy rest pause set on adductor, straight set on seated leg curl 15-10 rep range
Round 2: maintained weight on each but did a single drop set on both

Lying leg curl
1 working straight set

High wide leg press
Set 1: 13 total plates x 14 plus 1 spot pull off of me
Set 2: 14 total plates x 9
Heaviest I’ve ever done here

RDL on hammer strength plate loaded squat/lunge machine
I alternate weeks using this or DB’s
I really like it, locks me in position and I can just keep driving tension on hams/adductors/glutes the entire time until the muscle fails
3pps x 9

Stationary lunge on smith back leg elevated
Completely driving weight through heel, keeping tension on adductor, ham/glute tie in throughout until that fails
2 working sets 15-9 reps

DB lying leg curl
HARD contractions and really slow controlled reps
1 single drop set