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Arms – December 15

Since French BB’er called me out yesterday I trained arms haha. No in all seriousness we are in the midst of a move and my plan was to train legs but I had been packing up all day and had a meeting at 6 pm so it only left me about 75 min to train and I dont feel comfortable doing legs that rushed so I opted for a good arm session and will hit legs today (Friday)

From a strength perspective I am better with sticking to one body part until complete and then moving on, from a pump perspective I get a better pump alternating between bicep and tricep without about 1 min rest between each. Not really saying this for any other reason that I believe both work and have application and so you guys can learn more about my thought process. I chose to fully train triceps then biceps. Also with me and its always been like this my triceps strength and endurance is very good, my biceps on the other hand is not. I can do two very hard sets of biceps and honestly be done in terms of really not getting much else out of the session.

Prime Dual handle Standing extension working up to a double drop set.
– Keeping elbows tucked in hard throughout
100 x 8
80 x max
60 x max

Single Arm Overhead DB extension – working into a full stretch
35 x 8
40 x 8
2 sets at 50 lbs

Single Arm D Handle Pressdown
– aiming to keep shoulder back and elbow back
60 x 10
70 x 10
80 x 10
90 x 8

Seated Dip machine
– I worked a full pause at stretch and full extension all the way up to 7 plates, at 8 plates I had to cut out the pause because I was having trouble holding myself down. This set turned into a drop and on the drops I re started with the pauses.

Worked up to a max set of 8 plates x max DROP 6 plates x max DROP 5 plates x max


Standing Cable EZ bar Curl (this is done more like a drag curl)
60 x 10 – 110 x 10
130 x 8
150 x 6

Standing DB Curl


Rever Grip Hammer Curl Variation

lighter sets really contracting biceps hard for 8-10 reps

3 rounds