Today is off from training for me

But still did my usual am routine of cardio and abs

I also had Chiro/Body work done today

For today we did a full adjustment plus ART and Graston on my left pec/delt/lat, and also right ab wall

My main “issue” right now all stems from my hip/low back on the right side, when that goes out it causes other things to shut off like my left lat, left pec, and left delt
Cosmetically it makes my left lat look impinged in comparison to my right, my upper left pec appear flatter than the right, and left delt appear smaller

Physically it affects my connection with the areas in training, I can connect, I just have to focus in on them more than the right
It does cause my presses to be weaker on the left though
And also hinders the rotation of my delt opening up in posing which of course will also affect the way my lat opens up

Nothing detrimental here, it’s just a matter of staying on top of it to insure it’s getting adjusted regularly and not causing permanent imbalances

There are also long term improvements that I can be making if my hips are functioning optimally like glute and leg development that I need

Just thought I would share!