3x 12 via 3 movements for triceps this morning along with fasted cardio
Mostly do cable or machines, isolated movements, and do all my free weight work on arm day

Back 12/12

Chest was really sore and tight today so warmed up both my chest and delts a good bit before going into back

Lat pull down
Upright position as much as possible, slight arch in mid back, NO HUNCHING TRAPS at contraction, drive weight down hard under control, good contraction, controlled eccentric, slight stretch up top without letting delts roll

Set 1: 140 x 11 full + few partials
Set 2: 140 x7 drop to 100 x unsure

Bent over barbell row
Maintained as parallel of an upper body position to floor as possible
Drove weight to rib cage for an upper back emphasis (rare for me but wanted to incorporate today)
Tried to actually disengage my lats from being the dominant of the lift and focus on upper back thickness driving with elbows out instead of tucked
Aimed to use as little momentum as possible and reps stopped when I could no longer move with muscle intended
Set 1: 225 x 7
Set 2: REALLY strict 185 x 8

T bar row
Driving hands to belly button
Engaging lats and mid back
Controlled eccentric, explosive concentric, hard contraction throughout
Set 1: 7 25lb plates x 6.5
Set 2: 6 25lb plates x 9

Single arm cable pull overs
No warm ups just went straight into pick a weight and go
Set 1: 13 reps per side

Bent over DB bilateral row
Again upper body maintaining a parallel position to the floor
Over stretching these
Hard elbow drive
Driving to waist
No momentum
Engaging total back, primarily lats/low lats & erectors
Set 1: 90’s x 7

Standing isolated single arm hammer row
Really slow and controlled reps
Not very heavy
Hard squeezes through lats and low lats
1 set unsure of total reps ~12ish per side