Being I’ve posted one full week of sessions, and my movements for the most part stay consistent, If you’d like to see more detail on execution, just scroll back to the session from previous week!

Chest 12/11

Slight incline smith press
Set 1: “225” x 5
Set 2: increased incline “185” x 6, rack, 2, rack, 1

DB floor press
Last week I did one set 85’s x 6
This week I wanted 85’s for more, I slipped on the first rep, got it back under control on the second, slipped again on third and dropped it
Regrouped and only got 80’s x 6
So I was a little annoyed at this point lol
Did a second set with 70’s x 8
Wasn’t happy with these today but all I had there

Incline DB fly
Set 1: 50’s x 8
Set 2: 40’s x 9

Pin loaded dip machine
1 double drop set I think total reps were 20-25

Standing cable fly high pulley
2 sets
18ish reps on first
Maintain weight set two reps reduced

Single arm preacher curl
Set 1: Worked up to hard set of 9
Set 2: Same weight set of 6 then reduced weight and went back and forth between arms until I couldn’t get a strict 6 reps