Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hamstrings – Dec 9

This session was cut a bit short on time due to the snow storm that the gym closed for that we did not get… Anyhow I got a very good session in. If I had to choose two movements to do for hamstrings it would be the cybex seated leg curl specifically as well as RDL’s so within the time given that is what I focused on.

Seated Ham Curl
Worked up to two max sets with the Stack
8 reps + few partials
6 reps + few partials
my focus here is not only on hard contractions but contracting hard throughout the negative portion of the rep as well.

Adduction Machine
Slow throughout hard contractions – really was using this just to make sure my adductors were firing properly and warm prior to RDLs

I did sets of 12 working up to 150lbs

Pause RDL’s (coming to a complete momentary pause at the stretched position.)
455 x 6
405 x 7

Lying DB Leg Curl – This is very challenging for me, I am not very strong here. I like to think I have a very good connection here but no I am not strong on these. Pushing my hips hard into the ground. I prefer to lay flat on the floor as I have better balance VS laying and trying to balance on a bench.
40 lbs x 8
40 lbs x 5 drop 30 x 5

Single Leg Seated Hamstring Curl
50 x 8
70 x 8