Michael – no shrugs at all, ever for me
If you listen to my back training video, I mention I purposely avoid trap involvement in my movements best I can, as they are a dominant part on my physique
Always have been, but I’ve just gotten better over time on not letting them takeover in my training, along with building other areas around them.

For arms –
I’m currently trying something new the past two weeks as I have specific parts of my arms I want to improve vs just shooting for overall size.
This is something I’ll touch on more at a later time.

However, a typical arm day for me

Tricep cable press down
Sets of 15-12 adding weight on each until I cannot perform 12 strict reps

Close grip press
1 max weight set 8-6 reps
1 back down set 12-10 reps

Free weight overhead ext variation
1 set ~ 12 reps

Weighted dips
1 max weight set 12-10 reps
1 maintain weight set and either do rest pause or single drop set
Sometimes super set this with a cable ext variation

Rope hammer curl
Sets of 15-12 adding weight each until I cannot perform 12 strict reps

Either plate loaded preacher curl or EZ bar curl
1 max weight set 10-8 reps
1 reduced weight set 12-10 reps

DB hammer curl alt arms
1 max weight set 10-12 reps per arm
1 set maintain weight and run the rack down in weight