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Quads – Dec 6

I honestly hate to have to keep bringing up my leg because its annoying and the last thing I want is to be whoa is me but at the same time if I am not keeping you guys updated on it I feel I am going greatly against my own coaching strategies in terms of training so I want to be transparent. When it comes to my leg training I am trying to do whatever  I can to stimulate and not make my injury worse or have a set back. Typically what happens is if I chase poundages I will have a really good week and then the next two – three weeks will be worse as I have caused inflammation and pain to the area. So this week I really slowed down my reps, one of my issues I think is load + force. When I try to explode as hard as I can against a heavier (over and over again) load that is when i get worse. So this week I went in and did all slow reps, and it worked. I was more sore than I have been in a long time and I know soreness is not an indicator of muscle size but it does tell me that I have hit a greater amount of muscle fibers in my leg because my injured leg is rarely sore outside of pain sore post legs.

Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is there is a big difference between “the muscle being worked through an active range of motion” and “working the muscle through the active range of motion.” I am going to do a video about this explaining myself in more detail.

On to legs…


Leg Extension
Working up to a hard set of 12 with hard contractions


Leg Adduction
Working up to a hard set of 12 with hard contractions

Power Squat
(Here i did a very controlled eccentric / pause / then drive but not 100% explosive more so just hard contraction)

Worked up 1 plate at a time to 6 pps x 8

Hack Squat
(These were some of the hardest single sets I believe I have ever done fore legs, also this was brought to my attention by Milos as he has been in touch and trying to help me with my leg issues and how to be as effective as possible within what is going on. These were performed slow slow eccentric / pause / slow slow concentric. Milos came back to me afterwards saying I needed to slow down the concentric further.) I literally am just trying to move the weight through a hard hard contraction not letting off the entire time and also not pausing at the top.

Worked up to a set of 4pps x 7-8 reps failed then was pulled out of the bottom on the last rep.

Leg Press w/ feet low on platform

Constant tension reps
3pps x 30
5pps x 25
7pps x 20
7pps x 20