Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Current Diet

This is what I am doing daily with the occasional Sushi meal or chipotle thrown in. For example this week  I had sushi monday night all clean rolls no sauces added, last night I had chipotle normally I ask for plain white rice last night they were out so I had normal rice, chicken, mild and corn salsa.

***All trifecta meats

Meal 1
280g Jasmine Rice
250g Chicken

Meal 2
100g Cream of rice
250g Turkey

50-75g Cyclic Dextrin
30g AD aminotaur (love the new grape flavor)
20g AD Nitrox

Immediately Post
30g AD Aminotaur

Post Meal
120g Cream of Rice
30g Honey
10g PB2
70g True Nutrition Isolate

Meal 4
2 Brown Rice Tortilla (54g Carbs)
110g Jasmine Rice
250g Steak

Meal 5
100g Cream of rice
250g Turkey

Meal 6
250g FF Greek Yogurt
50g Whey Isolate
10g PB2
60g Granola


2-3 whole eggs
10 egg whites
5 slices Ezekiel bread