I said Hams yesterday was the best I’ve felt in the gym so far since the show…
Must have gotten the best of me lol, today’s presses hit me like a ton of bricks!

Seated smith press
Set 1: “185” x 5 – these were a struggle bus from rep 1 and partner assisted top end of last 2
Set 2: “155” x 8, racked it like a rest pause, got 1 more, racked it again, tried for another and failed

Seated single arm DB press
Set 1: 60 x 6 (almost 7)

Plate loaded hammer press
Set 1: dead stop reps 2pps x 6
Set 2: 45 + 25 per side (unsure of reps but turned it into a single drop set)

Standing DB lateral raise
Set 1: 25s x 12 + strict side partials to extend
Set 2: 30s x9, 20s x 8, 10s x top partial reps then full reps, unsure of count

Super set
Standing cable upright row facing stack
Cable front raise back against stack
2 rounds 15-12 each

Super set
Standing cable rear delt fly from high pulley
Rope face pulls from lat pull down
2 rounds 20-15 each