Today was the best I’ve felt in the gym so far since the show
May sound silly as it’s been almost 10 weeks now, but it’s true.

Hams 12/7/18

Lying leg curl
Sow controlled eccentric, dead stop at stretch, explosive concentric, hard contraction throughout
Set 1: “modified” rest pause drop set
120×7, 100×5, 80×5 + 3 partials
Set 2: 80x not sure how many reps, didn’t count or record but somewhere around 12+

High wide leg press
Deep as I can without butt and low back folding
Keep weight on heels, I aim to pull knees out through eccentric and feel a strong adductor stretch, pause at chest, drive hard through heels, contracting hams and adductors throughout until that fails
One set: 6pps x 18

Really slow and controlled reps, tension on hams throughout until that fails
130’s x 7 + an eccentric
105’s x 8 + an eccentric (aimed to push my hips through more on second set to contact glutes hard at top)

Did this as a 3 movement cluster
1. Adductor
2. Seated leg curl
3. Elevated DB Sumo squat/pull
2 rounds 15-12 each

Barbell long stride walking lunge
1 set as long as I could, dropped bar, body weight as long as I could

Great day for me
The leg press was a PR in reps and execution
I’ve been milking that weight past 3-4 weeks and failing better/with more reps each time and also wanted to improve execution with it before I increased weight, so looks like next week should be the time to go up!

DB rdls are not an all time pr for me, but they are as of late. It’s been a long road back with those the past year but they will be better than ever soon!

The cluster isn’t for me to throw unnecessary volume, those movements pair great together!
It also allows me a way to get the biggest bang for my buck out of the DB sumo pull/squat as 130 is the heaviest dB we have
And also not spend a ton of time warming up on each individual movement separately