This morning along with cardio
3 tricep movements
3×12 each

Back 12/5/18

Back was the number one pick on a story question I posted this morning about what my first training video should be, so I believe I’ll be using today’s session for this weeks video

Warm ups: Just enough to get feel for movement and accumulate weight. Low reps.
It gets pumped quick so I don’t do much as I want to save my best for my work sets.

Execution: I fortunately am able to get a great connection with my back (when I’m not flat lol) so any movement I do, I can lock in and position myself in a way to target whatever area I want and keep constant tension there throughout until it fails
I aim to be as strict as possible, hard contractions, controlled eccentric best I can, and explosive concentric while keeping momentum as minimal as possible
The key is not just moving weight with your arms. As silly as it sounds, lock in with your mind where you’re targeting, connect and drive the weight with that.

Wide grip lat pull down
Accumulating weight warm ups until I reached a heavy weight and felt good to go
1 all out rest pause set 3 attempts
-staying as upright as possible, driving with upper lats, squeezing low lats at contraction, good stretch with slight pause

T bar row
I aim to get my upper body as parallel to the floor as I can
Pulling “up” to belly button
This keeps me strict and not incorporating traps like I would if I stood more upright and became a shrug
7 25lb plates x 6
6 25lb plates x 7

Reverse grip EZ bar row
I’m able to stand slightly more upright in these because of the position of my hands and the direction I will drive my elbows
Here I am driving “back” to my waistline
8 25lb plates x 8
8 25lb plates x 6

Single arm DB row
I stop the weight at stretch for a slight hang, then drive back as explosive as I can through lats and erectors
120’s x 9

DB pullover
Good stretch with lats, hard contraction through mid back on concentric
1 “rest pause” set
80lb x 8,2,1

Rack pull on smith
May not be considered a hardcore movement, but it is hard and smokes my mid back
Just like with everything else I keep the tension locked in and back contracted the entire ROM and go until the contraction fails
Below knee
Dead stop on rack no bounce
“315” x 9

Good day today
Finals week for school has me shot lol but it’s coming to a close!
Good session, no complaints!