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First off you if you are squatting to Depth you are stretching the quads as well as adductors and glutes and you will be hitting your leg fully. A great example of this is Seth Shaw if you watch him he basically does all of his squatting movements with the same wide stance driving knees out and really engaging his adductors and glutes and his legs are huge. He is training through a full range of motion and due to his joint mobility he is able to access a full range of tissues within the leg.

I would just not actively load your quads the next few weeks, dont do leg extensions and allow the inflammation to relax. What I mean by this is you want to get the least amount of knee flexion as possible and have a vertical shin angle at the bottom of the movement.

Jorge –

Thank you buddy! As far as the asprin being 100% honest my grandparents have done it for a greater majority of their life and are very healthy in their late 80’s so its just been encouraged there as well as by a Doc that I worked closely with in 2014 who was the one that recommended many of the lipid supplements I take daily as mentioned above. It does reduce risk of blood clotting, heart attack, ect.

I have always used Bergamot derived from fruit either from Jarrow Formula or a company called Revive. Great supplement also great for healthy BG levels.

Keith – Even if I trained early I would do a meal prior to and intra during.

Thank you guys for following along here, I do want to keep this subject oriented relating to my current training. We also have a section here to ask any type of question you want which I am checking as well!