Chest 12/4/18

Warm ups for chest
I like to prime each movement best I can, but chest is one thing that fatigues quick for me so low rep warm ups ascending in weight just to reach my working weight is how I approach them
First movement would be most amount of warm ups and then they descend with each movement from there

I have great connection and activation with my chest.
Main things I focus on are maintain a slight arch, never caving shoulders, controlled eccentrics, pause at chest on presses, pause at stretch on flys, and HARD contractions keeping tension on chest throughout until it fails.

Slight incline smith press
“205”x 8
had a perfect spot here and assisted 7th rep by a touch at peak contraction, then a nudge the final 1/3 of the 8th rep

Stayed there: Increased incline, reduced weight, and slowed eccentric
“185”x 8 spot assisted finish of final rep

Floor press mimic with two benches
I honestly can’t set up the dumbbells by myself on the floor to give the effort I want to a press, plus the air is thin down there lol

85’s x 6

Incline DB fly
50’s x 8

Flat DB Fly
50’s x failed mid way through 7th rep

One cluster set
Pin loaded dip X 11
Seated cable fly x 11
Reps not intended to match like that lol

Chest stretch on the seated cable fly by getting in the position you would to fly, but lean forward letting chest get out in front of your arms

Overall really good day
One of the better chest days I’ve had the past few weeks
To be honest my endurance can still use some improving during training after my first two movements, but no complaints!