Quads 12/3/18

All sets to muscular failure
Main goal for execution being to control weight best I can and put myself in the position to make each rep as hard as I can.

Warm up leg ext and abductor machine

Hack squat
Driving more so through toes, focusing on keeping knees from caving, and making sure it stays on quads and not glutes

6 plates one side 5 plates other side
(Even distribution)
11 reps
Wasn’t pleased with this set so did a slight back down by 1 plate as second set
5pps x 9 reps

Smith front squat
heels elevated
Pausing in hole, fire concentric, hard contraction
2pps x 9
Failed on the way up of 10th rep
I’ve done 2 plates and a quarter per side on this, but unable to get the depth and execution as I was with this today. Yet anyways.

Plate loaded hammer strength upright single leg press
Banded resistance
I put a pad under my butt to elevate me slightly and foot placed on the bottom of the platform and pressing through my toes and it is all quad this way
4pps x 9
Backdown set w/ constant tension
3pps x 14

Leg ext
Hard pause at contraction, controlled eccentric, slight pause, fire concentric
1 hard heavy set for ~ 12 and turned into a single drop set until full contraction stopped followed by as many bottom partials as I could move

Front loaded short stride walking lunges
To be honest I’m unsure on reps, just went until I couldn’t and then dropped the bar and did body weight pulse style to failure

Pulse style just meaning down and up twice before lunging with next leg


The past few weeks I’ve made huge jumps of improvement week to week in my quad training
Today happened to be just a so so day
I didn’t regress, but didn’t hit anything ground breaking either
Went in feeling normal and my mental fortitude is the same day to day, so no reason other than physically body just didn’t do it today
I still always train to what my physical failure is that day and never ever let up.
I’m very critical of myself and my training
To most it would have been a great session, but to me if the feel is off then I’m not satisfied.
That’s what makes me, me.
And of course leave just as smoked as always.

That’s my attempt at a little journal of honesty that you don’t get on Instagram lol