Matt JansenMatt Jansen

I made a post last week on instagram – for some reason it just hit me like a ton of bricks in the last few weeks when it came to my approach of training shoulders and how I have been molded into this thought process rather than what I believe works for literally every other body part.

When my back needed and still needs to come up I hammer rows from every angle I can and literally stay away from cables like I am allergic just because I believe in always choosing the biggest bang for your buck type movements.

When my legs need to come up I spend a majority of my time around hack squats and other squat machines

Yet when my shoulders need to come up I have continued to stuck to the same workouts that everyone else does in terms of exercise selection. This off season I have really tried to bring my chest up and to me that immediately meant doing more pressing and also looking at how I was pressing and aiming to improve upon my rep execution. Well going forward I am going to do the same for Shoulders. More pressing just as I would with my chest. Here is what I did today. All true working sets listed.

Hammer Seated Press
4p+25ps x 6 (got stuck on 7th rep)

Standing Military Barbell Press
225 x 6 DROP 135 x 6 (slower eccentrics on 135) controlled eccentrics throughout

Seated DB Single Arm Press
– These are a very hard movement for me which is why I am doing them, my hope is not only it improves my delt size but also improves my two arm DB press. Just as a reference when fresh I can press 130 x 8 with a two arm DB press. For these as my third movement I finished with 100 x 7.

Standing Lateral Raise
– Keeping arms completely straight pausing just before hitting my hips to keep tension on the delts.
25 – 30 – 35 – 40 x 10
45’s x 8 +5 partials again not touching my body throughout

Seated Reverse Pec Deck INTO Machine Lateral Raise  (5-6 second eccentrics on each)

3 sets working up to a max working seat of 8 reps continuing to keep the eccentrics throughout